Angies list 01/17/2018
New home construction My wife and I are retiring to Bluffton, SC. I am a Licensed General Contractor in North Carolina. While I have built several homes for my wife and me, we have never built a home that is over 300 miles away. When considering contractors, I wanted a small company with a "hands on" owner. Being very particular, I wanted a quality conscious contractor that took pride in his work and did what he said he would do. I talked to several local contractors that had good reviews on line. Angie's List had two top rated contractors in the Bluffton area. When I called the larger company I was told that the owner would get back to me. It took him three days to do so. When I called James he immediately answered the phone. On the phone he was very personable and I told him I wanted to come to Bluffton to meet him and see some of his work. Knowing quality construction when I see it, I knew James was the builder we wanted for our "long distance" project. We are now about 50% completed and my wife and I couldn't be more pleased. James and I talk several times a week. He encourages us to talk frequently and never seems to busy for me. The home is progressing very smoothly. James knows all of the issues and requirements to build in a coastal county in South Carolina. It was a long process before we could start but once he had a green light the work has moved quickly. James is not only an outstanding builder but is a man of his word that has always done what he said he would do. We couldn't be happier with our choice of a builder for our new custom retirement home and we give James and JD Duncan Construction our highest recommendation. If you need any construction work in the Bluffton and surrounding area, you will be very happy with James.

 James does work that should be in a magazine like Architectural Digest. On time, within budget, excellent skills for detailed moldings James was able to obtain marble and a large vanity at a more reasonable price that I could find anywhere. James sent pictures via I phone every day {We were not on premises while work was done} always asked questions and listened carefully to ideas.. He also threw in little extras at no charge such as power washing brick patio, replacing burned out light bulbs, etc. I would highly recommend James for any home construction project, building from scratch, or remodeling. Description of work: Extended and complete remodeled bathroom, built new arched entryway, reinforced foundation, and installed new siding.

Rate a biz Scott R. Quality Construction Work at an Affordable Price James did a build-out of our upstairs space (about 1800 square feet) and did a quality job for a relative small amount of money. Would highly recommend his construction firm for home improvement or building of new home!

Charles C.
Top Quality Contractor
James Duncan was our chosen contractor when we undertook a large renovation and addition project to our Callawassie Island home in 2013-14. We chose him to do the job mainly because he is an artisan contractor, i.e. he does most of the work himself, discusses each phase of the project with the customer, and is not locked in to a cookie cutter approach. We had worked very satisfactorily with such an artisan contractor in a previous project in another city and wanted to take the same route again. When we started seeking a contractor, we spent some time looking for one with significant experience, price expectations, and responsibility to do the job. Our breakthrough came when a retired contractor recommended James Duncan and one other as the two best active artisan contractors in the area. James Duncan made a careful proposal which satisfied us so we hired him to execute the project. James Duncan more than met our expectations. At the start of the project he suggested a number of major changes to the architectural plan, all of which we accepted and were most thankful that we did. Each change was an important improvement. During the project he made a number of other suggestions nearly all of which we happily incorporated. He made a few other suggestions which we rejected, and subsequently regretted doing so. In sum, the project was importantly improved due to his extensive experience with renovations. In addition to his counsel, James Duncan is also an excellent builder. We are most satisfied with all of his work. He selected quality materials. He did a first rate job with the installation of each part of the project. Since completion, we have not had any problems which required repairs. The inspectors who came to evaluate his work clearly, on the basis of much past experience with him, respect his craftsmanship. For some parts of the project such as plumbing, marble counter installation, air conditioning, cabinet making, James Duncan managed and supervised all subcontractors doing excellent work. We had no problems with James Duncan's work. We will definitely use JD Duncan Construction Inc as our contractor again if we have another project. All the best, Charlie

Jim M.
I have enjoyed working with James Duncan of J.D. Duncan Construction, Inc., on three significant projects over a twelve year period. The first was a 1700 sq. ft. home addition, next was a contemporary re-design and re-model of a 40 year old living room, and most recently, was a complete tear-down and re-model of a kitchen and utility room after a broken water line caused damages requiring a re-build from the floor joists through and including the ceiling. In all instances, I have found his work to be superior, and at a reasonable price. It seems that Mr. Duncan always likes to leave me smiling after noticing his unexpected up-scale in detailed craftsmanship. I anticipate more re-modeling in the future, and I will offer the job to J.D. Duncan without even feeling the need to seek competitive bids.

Nicholas I.
Excellent workmanship
Mr. Duncan built a bathroom for us while we were absent. He provided us with photographs each day as the project was progressing. He hired excellent sub contractors, and he followed our instruction to the letter. If you want a top quality builder and carpenter, he is your man!